What is Men of Spirit?

Men of Spirit is a website devoted to raising awareness of GBTQ men’s gatherings in all parts of North American and Europe. These gatherings focus on advancing personal growth, spirituality, sacred sexuality, the connection with Self, nature and other like-minded men.

The Men of Spirit website is open to all spiritual paths and accepts none as the ultimate truth. Its purpose is to explore events, teachers, programs, schools and gatherings that create greater awareness of who and what we are. Aligning our lives with our deepest desires and our most authentic Self. All of the events listed on this website are for men who love men – with the exception of those limited to gay men only.

Men of Spirit will also explore spirit related travel to sacred and intensely beautiful and powerful places on the planet. Travel that explores the experience and spiritual roots as humans over the millennia. Travel removes us from our everyday life and allows us time and space to learn about ourselves and others.


The Men of spirit website has suspended the posting of any events for 2017. At this time, there is no definitive plan to keep the website ongoing. The website remains online for the near future for those who might want to browse past events, venues and facilitators. Thank you to all that have been of support to this community of men. ~Roger