International Gay Retreat Belgium 2016

Gay Spirit Friends

October 8-14, 2016
International Gay Retreat Belgium 2016 – Belgium
Gay Spirit Friends & Spirit Journeys

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Spirit Journeys and Gay Spirit Friends partner to create a playful, profound and inspiring retreat for GBQ men from around the world in the beautiful hills of Charneux, Belgium. This retreat will reunite the facilitators from our hit 2012-2015 retreats:

  • Hunter Flournoy, a breathworker, psychotherapist, shamanic healer and mystic from Spirit Journeys in the US, will weave together the world’s mystical traditions, indigenous shamanistic practices and twenty-first century ecstatic breathwork.
  • Danny Arnoldussen, a yogi and dance instructor from GaySpiritFriends in The Netherlands, will offer relaxing yoga classes, meditation, mantras, breathing exercises and dance.

No matter how happy we are in life, a retreat offers us the opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of our lives and to distance ourselves from everything we think we know. It offers the possibility to experience ourselves, others and the world in a new powerful way. We create a space to re-experience the inner child, see our potentials and set new intentions in a powerful way. With new intentions set, it can become a new reality in our daily lives. Relax, connect, and make new discoveries as we enjoy the comfort, beauty and charm of a rambling old Belgian Farmhouse built in 1737 and updated with the latest modern conveniences.

The Program

The program is unique in Europe because of the number and variety of workshop experiences offered during the week, and the wonderful breadth of knowledge offered by Hunter, David and Danny. The week includes mindfulness, meditation, shamanic work, breathwork, body work, a traditional trance dance, yoga, mantra singing, a sweat lodge, dance, psychodrama, mindful touch, mindful movement, a community day and much more.

Hunter weaves perspectives and tools from the mystical traditions of Buddhism, Sufism, Judaism, Christianity and Indigious Shamanism into the program, in a way that even the most ardent atheist can enjoy and benefit. He will lead very powerful breath exercises, shamanic rituals, psycho-drama, the ancester ceremony, the sweadlodge and many other wonderful exercises. He’s a very gifted story teller and nows how to lead people to the gifts of their shadows, how to purify body and mind, renew their light through opening their hearts and eventually lead them to find their vision and celebrate life.

David will offer a trance dance ritual which will be co-facilitated by Christophe. Dancing is as old as humankind. People and tribes from all over the world have been dancing for eons for all kinds of reasons. David and Christophe have many years of experience in leading trance dance rituals. It’s a wonderful journey one must not miss!

Danny will add mindfulness, yoga, meditation, mantra singing, breath exercise, mindful touch and dance to the program, to open the mind, body and heart, to explore mindfully, open up and be present in the moment. He will co-facilitate the workshops Hunter offers and he will also provide the necessary lightness and laughter. Together they will create a safe and sacred space for everyone, in beautiful inspiring environment.

IMAG0865In addition to the workshop experiences, there will still be plenty of time to socialize and explore all corners of the attractive property Charneux or the beautiful surroundings. The property has several attractive spaces for you to retreat or socialize.

Wadeleux 432
4654 Charneux






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