Steven Hartman – Gay Mens LifeQuest

steven hartman - Life Quest

February 5-10, 2017
Gay Mens LifeQuest – Esalen Institute
Facilitated by Steven Hartman

“LifeQuest Intensive is a kick-ass, transformational, yoga-philosophy-based program that will change your life.”

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What venture and passion is calling you next? In this safe and compassionate environment, surrounded by the beauty of Esalen and a community of men, the simple, experiential LifeQuest tools offered in this retreat provide the foundation for you to find your unique path to greater fulfillment, freedom, and fearlessness in the coming new year. And, as always, wherever gay men gather, there will be much fun, maybe some sweet tears, and definitely real intimacy that will have you feel seen, supported, and known, as you go forward. Come get a new dose of insight, energy, clarity, inspiration, and camaraderie to charge forward boldly with your most passionate life inquiries.

Imagine beginning your new year by delving into the powerful transformational tools needed to live the next phase of your extraordinary life. Explore what challenges and life quests that lay before you at this time. LifeQuest enhances integration, healing, or the unwinding of previous limitations with ease and grace. Now is the time for you to claim, learn, explore, and act on what has been just beyond your reach.

steven hartman profileDevarshi Steven Hartman is the Co-Founder of The Pranotthan Yoga School and faculty member of Nosara Yoga Institute’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training. He Currently leads 200-Hour and 500-Hour Yoga Certification Programs around the country. He has been a student and teacher of yoga and yoga philosophy since 1974, was a longtime Kripalu Ashram resident, and has dedicated his life to the study and practice of the art and science of yoga. Devarshi is the author of the best-selling audio series, “The Essence of the Bhagavad Gita”, as well as, “The Simple Secrets of Inner Peace” and the new Kripalu Yoga DVD, which has been viewed by over 200,000.

Devarshi’s training has included many years in personal growth classrooms, training with Werner Ehrhardt in EST, Lifespring, LifeStream, ARAS, The New Warrior Program, Avatar Master/Wizard, and of course, yoga with almost every leading yoga teacher of the past three decades. He has been a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles since 1976. He has two children, Patrick and Lucy, plus all the struggles and joys that a full life brings. The terrain of transformational tools for individuals remains his passionate exploration and inquiry.

As a result of this life long pursuit, The LifeQuest Intensive Weekend, Five-Day, and Yearlong Programs designed for sharing tools for transformation and living fully, have been birthed. In this high-powered, yoga-philosophy based program, people wake up to new ways of viewing life, gain tools for healing the past, are guided through experiences for breaking free of limitation, and cultivating the energy to feel and experience life fully, with less fear and more joy, in all circumstances.


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