Touch Practice – Kevin Smith

Touch Practice

October 11-13, 2013
Holding Others As A Sacred Practice – Fall Retreat
Raymond, NH

After a phone conversation with Kevin Smith discussing his upcoming Touch Practice Retreat, I heard passion and enthusiasm in his voice about his work and this retreat. I’m also very impressed with the content on his website. Not only could I hear the passion in his voice, but it’s also present in his writing. He also discussed the possibility of bringing this retreat to Asheville, NC in the future, which excites me very much. I cannot personally describe the experience of a Touch Practice Retreat, but there are many men who can. The testimonials are overwhelmingly positive.

Kevin has written a very thoughtful and clear description about Touch Practice and the Fall retreat. I encourage everyone to take some time and read through the Touch Practice website and blog postings regardless of your plans on attending the retreat. I find Kevin and his work very inspiring. I also encourage that anyone interested in attending this retreat to contact Kevin to pre-register NOW. This event is limited to a relatively small group. ~MSpirit

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About The Retreat – By Kevin Smith

Touch Practice can be practiced by men of any sexual orientation or relational status. Sexual orientation and marital status are irrelevant to applying the techniques and principles of Touch Practice; it is not a sexual practice. We hold a safe and respectful space for all individuals, beliefs, personal choices and practices. Workshops are small, informal, and intimate, limited to approximately 18 participants.

This is a workshop where the participants partner with each other in guided touch exercises, alternating with teaching, demonstration and and discussion periods. We explore touch as a sacred practice using the body, the mind, and the heart. We delve into the following lines of inquiry:


  • Exploring the benefits and applications of conscious, intentional, non-sexual touch as a form of spiritual practice
  • Utilizing touch as a support for others
  • Noticing who comes to Touch Practice, and how we can help each other
  • Realizing the power of holding a clear and specific intention when touching or being touched by others


  • Learning the essentials of giving and receiving a simple hug
  • Holding people who have specific physical/emotional limitations, needs, or injuries
  • Constructing, projecting and defending touch boundaries
  • Establishing how to get touched where and how you want, without being touched in ways you don’t
  • Sensing, clarify, and protect touch boundaries for others
  • Differentiating between sexual, non-sexual, erotic and non-erotic touch
  • Navigating and directing the impulses, sensations, and emotions of a physically close but non-sexual encounter
  • Utilizing grounding, breathing, and centering techniques that help us to be aware of our experience
  • Being sensitive to the dynamic and ever-changing language of the body
  • Becoming aware of different ways of “seeing” and sensing another person both visually and energetically
  • Finding approaches, postures and positions for holding others in standing, sitting, and horizontal positions
  • Exercising gentle approaches for people who are touch-sensitive or touch-averse
  • Working skillfully with erotic energy when and if it emerges
  • Exploring techniques for non-sexualized genital touch

All participants remain fully in control of their touch boundary choices throughout the weekend. It is not necessary for any member of the workshop to participate in non-sexual genital touch if these experiences do not feel appropriate or welcome. The workshop will be a place where we maintain safe and welcoming space for men of all sexual orientations and respect for personal and relational choices.

Kevin’s recent blog post regarding the event


Touch Practice is carried as a spiritual practice freely given. It is not a profit-generating activity, and facilitators take no fee for their work. The estimated cost for this weekend workshop is $285 for meals, lodging, and program (Friday evening through Sunday noon.) The actual cost may vary slightly depending on final enrollment. We accept only as much money as necessary to cover expenses of offering the program.


81 Chester Road, Raymond, NH



Men of Spirit — DisclaimerPlease note that Men of Spirit obtains workshop and schedule information from other sources and makes efforts to keep the information current and correct. However, you should always check the accuracy of the information and availability before booking any travel arrangements. Workshop schedules can change and may not be reflected on the Men of Spirit schedule and blog posts. Best to sign up early. ~ MSpirit